Our Approach

Exceptional planning is the key to a successful project. Construction is often unpredictable. It is important to have a comprehensive plan. A.K. Contracting employs a proven, step-by-step process that ensures customer satisfaction. Our process includes the following steps:

Initial Site Visit

Once we gather your initial contact information, we schedule a no-charge consultation appointment with you at your home. At consultation, we will take photos of your home and the area involved in the proposed project.

Creation and Approval of the Budget/Estimate

This phase includes the creation of the budget for your project. In most cases, the project’s final cost ends up within a plus or minus 10% range of the original estimate. The range may vary due to the age of the home and other hidden structural features that may not become apparent until construction begins.

Design Phase

When you accept the Budget/Estimate, you give A.K. Contracting the “go ahead” via a Contract with us. We will go over the contract together so there is a complete understanding of what will occur over the course of the project.

Construction Phase

When construction is ready to begin, A.K. Contracting will draft a production schedule that is shared with all parties involved…then the real work begins! Remodeling is exciting. It is rewarding to turn a dream into reality.

Project Completion

The construction process continues through completion of the project and of the final punch list. A.K. Contracting strives for perfection. Small details will inevitably need attention. That is the reason behind the final “punch list”.

Created at the end of the project, the “punch list” contains items or tasks that need repair, adjustment or completion. Upon completion of the “punch list,” the final payment is due; this payment initiates the one-year standard warranty. A.K. Contracting guarantees our quality of workmanship.

Next Steps…

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